A Tradition of Innovation

Pre-dating NPL’s push for industry action in the prevention of cross bores, NPL was on the front lines of detecting sewer pipe penetration with new technology.

As directional boring became more popular, hitting sewer lines became more widespread. When Western Resources, one of NPL’s largest customers in the Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma areas, made the decision to stop all directional boring because of this potential risk, NPL rose to the challenge of finding a solution. Working in alliance, NPL, Missouri Gas Energy and Western Resources developed new technology called BORESEYE.

BORESEYE was a patented sewer pipe penetration detection device that uses both a very sensitive microphone and a seismic detection device to warn a directional boring technician that a sewer line has been hit. Once a sewer line hit has been identified, the technician and his crew can make the necessary repairs. The gas line can then be reinstalled away from the sewer line, thereby eliminating the risk of gas migrating from a damaged gas line into the sewer system.

NPL and its partners contracted R.W. Lyall & Company to manufacture and sell BORESEYE. Below is an original graphic from R.W. Lyall illustrating how the technology works.