Five Amazing Decades

At the beginning of 2017, we set out to commemorate NPL’s history by creating a mosaic of accounts and perspectives. 50 stories for 50 years. In the research leading up to this undertaking, we sat down and heard much of the story first-hand from founder Noel Coon himself. Those who know Noel will agree that he is an extraordinary individual. One of Noel’s strongest leadership traits was his instinct for surrounding himself with the right people. “I was never afraid of hiring people smarter than me,” he said early in our conversations. This comment wasn’t in the spirit of self-deprecation for his limited education or business savvy, but rather a point of pride. At that moment, we knew NPL’s success story was much deeper than putting more and more pipe in the ground over the years. It is a story about people.

The very first of these 50th Anniversary posts raised the question: How do you honor 50 years? The answer is clear — by giving credit to the people who made it possible. With perspectives from NPL’s longest-tenured employees, to features on the founder and president, to stories including the many people who have influenced events through the decades, we have endeavored to show the quality of NPL’s people from a myriad of angles. Recognizing everyone who played a role in NPL’s history by name, however, would take many more than 50 stories. This final post is a tribute to all who have contributed to NPL’s success.

Looking at the past can be valuable in framing a perspective for the future. This 50-year milestone is especially meaningful for that purpose. NPL is on the 100-year plan, and at half-way, the outlook for the future is strong. And just as NPL has adapted in its past, it will continue to adapt for the future. The most recent indicator of NPL’s trend for evolution and strategic growth is the birth of Centuri Construction Group. As the cornerstone of Centuri, NPL has imparted its vision and values to a larger enterprise working as One Team to serve energy, utility, and industrial construction needs across North America. The 6,000 employees of Centuri companies are all connected by our Think Ahead philosophy and the core role it will play in advancing the entire Centuri organization into the future.

To those who have been following these posts over the last year, we hope they have inspired a feeling of pride. It has been a pleasure to dig into NPL’s past and tell its story. A sincere THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed.

An electronic version of NPL’s 50th Anniversary book, From the Ground Up, is provided below.

Congratulations to the people of NPL for five amazing decades!


Thanks for reading.