Focusing On Quality

NPL has a long tradition of recognizing the month of August as Quality Month. As our standards for quality became increasingly sophisticated through the years, safety became more and more integrated in our quality focus. Now, we rarely consider one without the other. In keeping with tradition, all of the 50th anniversary story posts during August will cover NPL’s unwavering commitments to safety and quality.

In setting this series up, here’s a throwback to some safety messaging in 1994.

The Safe T. Mole mascot was an initiative for involving the children and families of employees in NPL’s safety culture. His name was the result of a contest for children in the NPL Pipeline employee newsletter. Though he didn’t stick around for very long, the idea he represented did. A characteristic of a world class safety culture is that safety is integrated into everything, and the implications of this concept are far reaching. Thinking about safety isn’t something that is exclusive to the job site or something that stops at the end of the work day. The safe habits we use at work should transfer to all of our activities. Essentially, these safe practices are intended not just to improve the quality of work conditions and products, but the overall quality of life for each employee. One of the most effective ways to strengthen our safety habits is to involve the people who directly benefit from our safe behavior, our families and loved ones.