Landmark Locations

Over the years, NPL has worked at some landmark locations across the United States. This week’s post pays tribute to two such projects – the Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas and Wrigley Field in Chicago.

In the late 1980s, NPL was contracted by Southwest Gas to put in two miles of 8″ high pressure gas line in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new line would serve the new Mirage Hotel & Casino, which was the largest casino in Las Vegas at the time. In addition to furnishing gas for normal services like heating, hot water and cooling, the line served gas for Mirage’s iconic volcano. Crewmen from all over NPL’s western U.S. operations came in to get the pipe installed quickly and the asphalt restored. Below are some old photos of the work. (Left photo: Welders are starting to x-ray completed welds of pipe installed under the dual bridges of I-15 in Las Vegas. Right photo: Pipe is lowered behind Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino.)





In 2014, NPL completed a project for Peoples Gas at Chicago’s iconic Wrigley Field. As part of the first leg of the stadium’s rebuild, NPL installed 8″ plastic main line down Sheffield Ave., a major walkway for stadium traffic that runs along the stadium’s outfield wall. To preserve the historic area, all of the paver stones along the construction corridor had to be removed by hand, then stacked on pallets and labeled, before pipe installation could begin. NPL also installed 4″ main along Waveland Ave., another major walkway for game traffic. Time was of the essence for this portion because the installation was scheduled towards the end of the baseball season. To make matters more complicated, the work had to be done without disturbing the trees along the route. So over a long weekend when the Cubs were out of town, four big crews worked long days hydro-excavating the entire line and installing the pipe. Once the main line was in, NPL then ran service lines to the stadium and to the sports complex nearby.


(Left photo: Sheffield Ave. Right photo: Waveland Ave.)




The Wrigley Field project was awarded to NPL outright because our customer knew that they could trust us to get the job done right and get the job done quickly. Once complete, Wrigley Field opened its outfield doors so crews could take an up-close look at one of America’s most famous ball fields.