Looking Forward

Plenty has been said about NPL’s long tradition of thinking ahead. How thinking ahead motivated Noel Coon to start business for himself in 1967. How thinking ahead helped recover from Chapter 11 bankruptcy and expand into the Southwest in the 1980s. How thinking ahead prepared us for a market shift to replacement work during the housing recession in the 2000s. Planning for the long-term has been our practice for decades. That holds true for NPL today.

NPL has a clear outlook for the future. We call it Vision 2020. Adopted in 2017, Vision 2020 is a three-year strategic plan developed with the help of industry experts to continue building success based on industry forecasting and best business practices. Over the next several decades, the opportunities in natural gas distribution construction alone are projected in the tens-of-billions. Working toward the goals in Vision 2020 will position NPL to continue leadership in the markets we serve.



Create a world class safety culture supported by a commitment to zero incidents.


Drive profitability through expansion of services, responsible deployment of capital, and increased efficiency & productivity.

Strategic Employment

Attract and retain the industry’s best people through strategic employment, leadership development, and succession planning.

Protect Strategic Customers

Solidify NPL as the industry leader in customer engagement and satisfaction.


NPL has advanced a number of initiatives toward achieving Vision 2020 goals this year. During Quality Month in August, NPL joined the rest of Centuri in making an enterprise-wide commitment to safety with adoption of the Centuri Safety Commitment. From top-down, we made our commitment to operating accident-free clear. There was also reorganization of safety leadership to better serve the company’s needs, including the appointment of a Vice President dedicated to safety.

For strategic employment, NPL is launching a recruiting campaign around the idea that a career with NPL is a career that’s based on SOLID GROUND. Essentially, what makes a career at NPL “solid” is our long-term commitment in markets with a strong forecast, the many career paths we offer and potential for advancement, the marketable training we provide to do work that’s critical for our nation’s infrastructure, and the competitive earning potential that a career in construction can have. In addition to recruiting, we have also made progress with leadership development. With the input from operations and safety leaders across the organization, the revamped Foreman In Training program will be ready to pilot in 2018. Pilot sessions for emerging leaders have also been completed in partnership with a third party leadership institute.


With the momentum building for Vision 2020, it’s evident that NPL is staying true to our Think Ahead philosophy. That way of thinking has defined our past and will drive us to 2020 and beyond.