NPL in the 1970s

In 1973, NPL moved its offices to Bemidji, Minnesota. The new location gave better access to an airport and a deeper employee pool. At this time, Noel Coon was feeling expansive about the company. He wanted to make NPL into a “four-legged stool” providing services for gas distribution, cross country pipeline, telephone/power cable and water/sewer. The images posted here come from NPL’s marketing brochure during this time period. (Above: Shaped as an uppercase “N” and “P” for Northern Pipeline, the new logo features a map of North and South America in the “N” shape to suggest capacity and geographic reach, as well as a side boom machine in the mouth of a pipe in the “P” shape to incorporate NPL’s core business. Below: NPL’s Bemidji office.)



“Qualified Men ready to do a Quality Job” – An early NPL tagline


“The Northern Team” Front: Noel Coon (owner-president), Darold Falldorf (vice president) Back: Vance Norgaard (equipment superintendent), Dave Rongstad (distribution superintendent), Gene Rawlyk (fabrication division manager), Jim Hovanec, Wayne Torgerson (general pipeline superintendent) Not pictured: Robert Kennedy (secretary-treasurer), Coymix Coon (fabrication shop superintendent), Roy Beckworth (pipeline superintendent), Glen Cox (pipeline superintendent)