NPL Thinks Ahead

When NPL went through a re-branding in 2015, the phrase THINK AHEAD was selected for its tagline. It was decided that these two simple words embodied NPL’s mission for providing safe, sustainable energy delivery solutions to customers and the communities they serve, as well as the 100-year vision NPL shares as a Centuri company.

THINK AHEAD also serves as an appropriate message for NPL’s commitments to Safety and Quality, which is visually represented across the organization by the graphic below.

On one level, the Safety and Quality triangles display the relationship between ideas in shapes that are reminiscent of a traffic cone and a caution sign, which is appropriate. The triangles themselves also have symbolic meaning. A simple triangle pointed up is often associated with the idea of a strong foundation, as it sits on a solid base. A triangle pointed down is often associated with aspiring to rise up towards something beyond ordinary. Both ideas work simultaneously in the graphic; THINK AHEAD is the foundation of both Safety and Quality, and exceptional Safety and Quality are standards towards which NPL continuously aspires.

The overall effect of these two triangles together, with their identical shape and proximity to each other, communicates that, for NPL, Safety and Quality are inseparable. And when they are combined as they are in the NPL logo, they form the foundation of the company (see video clip below).