Quality Month: A Long-Standing Tradition

Though it’s been stated in many ways throughout the last five decades, NPL has always been about quality. That fundamental commitment is rooted in founder Noel Coon’s realization in 1967 that he could take better care of customers than the people he worked for. Regardless of the company’s growth, struggle or change, the distinguishing trait of doing quality work has ever been at the core of NPL’s culture. Today, the truth of that assertion is clear from NPL’s reputation as a national industry leader.

In the last 20 years, we’ve stated our Quality message loud and clear, and even in its earliest iterations, the commitment to Quality has been accompanied by an equally important commitment to Safety. Some of our past messaging includes:

  • Quality Focused. Safety Driven.”
  • “NPL Quality…The Pipeline to Success”
  • Quality & Safety: The Standard for NPL”
  • “Safety is the environment we work in. Quality is what we leave in the ground.”
  • “Safety – Quality – Best Total Cost”


In 2010, NPL evolved its attitude toward quality and safety by encouraging every individual employee to personalize those commitments. The goal was to foster a “Culture of Personal Responsibility” where everyone felt a sense of ownership in doing quality work safely.



Though that particular messaging has been retired, its spirit is alive in the way we talk about Quality and Safety today. Both commitments anchor the Sustainability Framework that guides NPL’s 100-year vision as a Centuri company. “SAFETY is what we stand for. QUALITY is what we leave behind.” The influence of NPL’s strong traditions in how we define both is clear.

The component of personal responsibility lives in the simple concept that ties everything together: THINK AHEAD.


Here at the end of Quality Month, it’s clear that Quality has been a constant in NPL’s history. And the commitment that NPL kept to Quality has not only remained a defining characteristic 50 years later, but it has transcended to become a defining characteristic for the entire Centuri enterprise.